Time for a Change

I’ve been absorbing a lot of negativity lately.

The worst parts of humanity are on full display through news and social media, and my website became my place to vent. If something pissed me off, I’d come here to talk about it.

Kermit the frog furiously typing


Then one day I browsed my site in a relatively good mood. One post after another, I realized that I come across as an angry, cynical person.

I realized I’ve been digesting negativity and regurgitating it here.

This doesn’t define me.

I’ll start using this space for productive, constructive, positive thoughts. I’m writing this post as part of my belief of “speaking things into existence.” (Note to self: I should write about that)

Kermit the frog calm and collected

Me, from now own.

I’ve been spending time away from social media, and as a result, I’ve found more time (and a better state of mind) to read books and work on side projects. I’ll be writing about them here.

However, I won’t remove my old posts. I stand by what I’ve written (as far as making valid points) and to delete them would mean I wasted my time speaking my mind. I just don’t want this site to be a collection of angry content.

Instead, I’ll leave them where they are and allow new content to gentrify the front page. Anyway, here’s to a “new” me.


Author: Kamryn

I read, therefore I am.

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