Stop Kissing Police & Military Ass

Protect and serve

I’m tired of police and service members being put on a pedestal as model citizens.

There’s a narrative that’s pushed in politics and society, that service members enlisted to “defend freedom,” cops signed up to “serve and protect,” and all at great personal risk and sacrifice.

@#$% outta here.

Fun fact: Police and armed forces aren’t even among the Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in America. A garbage disposal worker is more likely to die on the job than a police officer.

The top 5 most dangerous jobs in America (2016)


Benefits Worth Bragging About.

Let’s squash the fairy tale right now: no one joined the police or military to be a hero.  They joined because after considering the benefits, they determined it’s the best opportunity available to them.That’s not heroic, that’s common sense. For example, here’s some of the perks of being in the armed forces:

U.S. Armed forces benefits

Armed forces benefits, emoji added by me. (Source:

It’s Employment, Not Community Service.

A garbage disposal worker is more likely to die on the job than a police officer.

When police whine about how dangerous their job is, I have to wonder– why don’t they just quit? Simple, because it’s the best opportunity that individual has to keep a roof over his/her head. And what other job gives you a suspension with pay paid vacation when you fuck up?

Your Compensation Is Your Thanks

Kissing feet

How we’re told to treat police/military.

I understand a little gratitude doesn’t cost a thing. I just don’t agree with the fantasy that police or service members made some huge sacrifice and are model citizens. Unless you chose to serve your country over better opportunities, you haven’t made a sacrifice. You’ve simply chosen employment in the best job you had available to you.

Show me a lottery winner, millionaire, etc. who still chose to “serve their country” or “protect and serve”, now that person is noteworthy.

Until then spare me the fake patriotism. 🙄🤚


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