Coon Award (Marcus Cheeks)

MARCUS CHEEKS! Come on down and accept this award! Here’s the post that nominated him:

Marcus Cheeks, supercoon

He even tagged the police department! *tap dances*

It reads:

I’m a black man. I get pulled over sometimes. I always have a firearm on me, and a couple more in the truck also. I tell the officers I have weapons. I treat them with respect. They return the respect. Especially the professional officers Greenville County Sheriff’s Office & Greenville Police Department. STOP USING MY RACE AS A CRUTCH! Grow a pair and be a responsible law abiding citizen. You race isn’t an excuse for this ignorance!

Yes, he seriously tagged his local police departments. City and county. Extra points for that tap-dancing coon-erifc action.


Let’s grab a few photos from his Facebook page (it’s all public anyway– he’s so proud!)

Let’s Talk.

Sunken place

*glass clinks*

Ok, enough about Marcus, he’s a lost cause. This topic is much greater than a coon trapped in the sunken place. This isn’t even about interracial dating. If that’s what you’re into– go ‘head and do you.

“I Did It, You Can Too” Mentality

Common sense comment

I guess Marcus doesn’t watch TV, YouTube, etc. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This is about people projecting their positive experience as the only experience. In other words since he had a positive encounter with the police, so should you. And therefore, there’s something you did wrong if you don’t have a similar outcome.

Irony that Marcus Cheeks won't notice

Shhh Tony. Let the irony sink in.

Congratulations, Marcus, you seem to have encounters with reasonable cops. You know what? So have I. But I don’t brag about it. And I certainly don’t use my experience to discredit or invalidate someone else’s experience.

One's experience is their truth.

No Spencer, it’s something YOU did wrong! Marcus is PROOF! /s

A person’s experience is their truth. You cannot take that away from them.

Deflection of the Worst Kind

Garnett Lowe speaks the truth

Tell ’em, Garnett.

It may not seem obvious, but this is deflection, through-and-through. The argument against police brutality has never been “there are no good cops,” nor the good-cop-to-bad-cop ratio (which is piss poor if you ask me.) It has consistently been anger with the observation that bad cops are not punished.

I don't see color typical comment

Oh look, it’s one of those “I don’t see color” people.

Marcus’ tap-dancing coonery distracts from the cause. Essentially: “WhAt r U tAlkInG boUt dA pOliCe ArE mUh FreNz.” Even worse, it gives our opponents ammunition: the idea that the rest of us are wrong because one sambo agrees with them.

Marcus is now ammunition

Now look what you did, Marcus.

Stay In Your Lane

Shut the eff up

Stop using your voice to discredit the oppressed.

The lesson here is simple: don’t step on other people’s truth to be heard. I don’t care how good wypipo have treated you. Don’t invalidate someone else’s experience.

You’re not winning any award.

You’re just earning scorn from people who’s voices are being drowned because opponents have handed you, the convenient coon, a megaphone.

You could be positively influencing the White people you love so much, making them aware of issues from a source they seem to trust. Instead, you’ve chosen to be a mouthpiece for people who don’t look like you.

You are a tool that will be discarded as soon as your tone changes, Marcus.

Well said Marcus

Congrats Marcus, they love you.

I don’t know whether to tell you to wake up or stay blissfully asleep.


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