Low Rank Bow Set

It’s been almost two weeks and I am loving Monster Hunter World.

Admittedly, I haven’t been able to play as much as I wanted to because I have a lot of work on my plate. In my occasional overnight Monster Hunter binges, here’s what I’ve managed to pull together so far.

I started off with the Long Sword but quickly fell (back) in love with the bow. It is so much easier to aim with a proper controller than the stupid directional “nub” on the new 3DS.

This is my low rank bow mixed set. I’m using lightning element because I’ve found that few monsters are resistant to lightning, and many are outright weak to it.

Here’s the gear:

Low rank lightning bow set gear


Here’s the skills:

Low rank lightning bow set skills


I’ve yet to come across a complete set that has all the skills that benefit me. I have a feeling I’ll be running mostly mixed sets in this game (although I love being a fashion hunter).

The new skill system is nice, you no longer need 10+ points to receive an armor skill. You get armor skills from nearly every piece of armor, making it much easier to get the mixed set you want (with what you have to work with, anyway).

I don’t see myself getting bored anytime soon.


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