Jury Nullification Enforces White Supremacy

I’m watching “Ku Klux Klan: A Secret History” on the History Channel and you know what really hits home?

In a nutshell.

Jury nullification. But before I get to that I want you to watch this excerpt about the Klan and the police.

Ok, we’ve established the link between the Klan and the police (which is still present today.) Now to jury nullification. Watch this part.

Let me repeat so it sinks in.

Because what he did is popular among the jurors, or fits into the worldview of the jurors themselves…
The perpetrator is let free. Let free with the blessings of the jury, and the blessings of the society from which the juror and the defender are commonly drawn.

Understand this: a white man could murder a Black man in broad daylight and be found NOT GUILTY by a jury of his peers. Even when there is clear proof of transgression of the law, an individual can be found not guilty. This is the phenomenon known as jury nullification.

Formal definition of jury nullification.

Formal definition.

Every time you see a police officer get away with murder, it is reinforcing one thing: The jurors who participated agree that White fear is more important than Black life.

When this keeps happening over and over across the country, it’s a representation of society’s true intentions.

In other words, Black life doesn’t matter. Let me end this post with a video I saw this morning:

Just imagine. If these are people who serve on juries, any cop would get a guaranteed acquittal.

No need to imagine. This is reality.


Author: Kamryn

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