High Rank Bow Set


High Rank bow seat appearance

Won’t win any fashion awards, but hey.

It’s been about three weeks now and I’ve finally “beat” the game. I say “beat” because in Monster Hunter there’s always new quests to do. Anyway, this is the bow set that has gotten me through my toughest battles. If you’ve seen my previous post, Low Rank Bow Set, you’ll notice this is basically the beefed-up high rank version of most of the pieces.


High Rank bow seat gear

Prepare to farm– this set uses four different monsters.

The set uses the following:

The parts aren’t too hard to farm. The helm and chest will require a Wyvern and Bird Wyvern Gem. The rest are from common parts on end-game monsters.


In my opinion, using the bow can be narrowed down to these three play styles:

  • Charged shots (if you’re a MH veteran, this is the style we’ve always played)
  • Spamming (new to MHW, you can now spam your way to level 3 shots)
  • Charging sidestep (new to MHW, gets a level 3 charge if used immediately after dodging)

Of course they’re not mutually exclusive, but when it comes to choosing armor you should get skills that benefits your preferred style the most. My preferred style is the charging sidestep. To optimize this, I’ve chosen skills for stamina reduction, stamina regeneration, and attack damage.

High Rank bow seat skills, page 1

Thunder Attack and Health Boost are from my jewels.

High Rank bow seat skills, page 2

These are the skills you’ll get from the armor and level 3 charm:

  • Attack Boost 7
  • Constitution 4
  • Stamina Surge 2
  • Critical Eye 1

Unfortunately, this set is lacking in sockets. You’ll only get two level-one decoration slots on the chest.

If you have Attack 1 jewels, I’d recommend putting them in your chest’s slots and wearing a Weakness Exploit charm instead. I’ve yet to come across a Constitution or Stamina Surge jewel, but if they can fit in a level 1 decoration slot, maxing them out is an option too.

Other useful skills that come to mind:


This set is all about dumping your stamina on charging sidesteps for massive burst DPS. With Constitution 4 you’ll be able to chain a lot of attacks. Make sure you end with Dragon Piercer, which uses no stamina, if you have an opening.

Thanks to Stamina Surge you’ll recover very quickly and you’ll be ready for another DPS burst in seconds.

If you have no idea how to play bow I strongly recommend you check out this video.

Well, that’s my high rank bow set, if this is used on Reddit or YouTube I better get credit! Until next time, happy hunting!


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