Dating in 2018

I found this Facebook video this morning and had to put in my two cents.

First of all, this is hilarious! And probably true. But let’s look a bit deeper.

The sad truth is– women did this to themselves. Yes, women ruined the dating game. Let me explain.

As more and more “sexually liberated” women give up the  to dudes who have mediocre effort and strong beards (sometimes not even that), most men have learned to simply fish around for the easy ones.

The low hanging fruit.

Women, y’all underbid each other. Form a coalition like the old fashioned days. You used to have to put a ring on it if you wanted to sleep with her.

Women spreading their legs

Women think they won the sexual revolution? No, men did.

The easy girl used to be shamed… she was breaking the unspoken agreement and as a result lowering ALL of your value. Now the ones who want marriage first are the odd ones out.

Now sl*ts are proud.

Why would any man put in maximum effort with you when he feels:

1) you’ve probably slept with someone who has done far less (sometimes you have the fatherless baby as proof) and
2) he can get more of what he wants by being mediocre to as many women as possible, instead of giving dedicated attention to one?

Example of the modern sexually liberated woman:

Women: you’ve taken command of your sexual power, now claim responsibility for the consequences. Don’t complain about the situation that you created. That’s all I’m saying.


Author: Kamryn

I read, therefore I am.

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