Crit Element High Rank Bow Set

High rank bow set equipment


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I’ve updated my previous high rank bow set. This time, I’ve included Critical Element and Weakness Exploit, at the cost of a few levels of Constitution. Overall, this build performs better and is element-agnostic. This will work with any elemental bow you feel like using.


Unlike other builds that require you to have ridiculously rare decorations, my build is easy to make and delivers solid results.


High rank bow set skills, page one

Skills (page 1)

This set will give you:

High rank bow set skills, page two

Skills (page 2)


High rank bow set decorations


There’s room for a level 1 gem on the chest, which I’ve tossed an Attack decoration into (bringing it to Attack 6). Low reliance on gems is the appeal of this build. If you have awesome high level gems, a niche build may be better for you.

Happy Hunting!

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